A Roller coaster of emotions 

Caroline Adams is a mother, a leader and a carer. George Adams, her husband, presents her with a Black Crystal Ball that he and their daughters, Samantha and Christine, buy from a Psychic and Mystic Fayre in a local hotel. Caroline is curious about the ball and decides to try to see into it, initially without success. 

After a few days of trying, she gives up, only to be presented with a stark reality check when she is given an insight by the Black Crystal Ball, in a very surprising way. Now she has in her possession what she thinks is a lifeline.

Reading this book will give you what you want. If it's fear you're after, find it here. They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. There's many cold dishes in this book, leaving you with a real feelgood factor. Humour and horror, all in one book, it packs a real punch, just when you don't expect it!

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